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        Involving Areas

        We are devoted to the manufacture, sales, technical support and design support, project investment and planning for phosphorus chemical products.

        • Industrial
        • Agricultural
        • Electronics
        • Food Industry
        • Detergent Industry
        • Feed Industry

        Corp Introduction

        Sino-Linchem International, Inc. was founded on September 9, 2009. It is Vice-President Unit of Phosphorus Chemical Branch of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, Chairman company of Guangxi Association of Phosphoric Chemicals Industry and Advanced Enterprise in China’s Phosphorus Chemical Industry. It belongs to the fine phosphorus chemical section which is part of the phosphorus chemical industry. We possess advanced production technology and equipment of polyphosphoric acid, phosphorus pentoxide, black phosphorus and agricultural water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate. We specialize in production, R&D and sales of phosphoric acid, polyphosphoric acid, phosphate, phosphorus pentoxide, black phosphorus and battery grade iron phosphate, with an annual capacity of phosphoric acid up to 100,000 MT, phosphate 100,000 MT and phosphorus pentoxide 40,000 MT. The company owns phosphoric acid tanks and yellow phosphorus tanks with total volume of 3000 cubic and 12000 cubic respectively.

        Organizational Structure

        Our Advantages

        • Regional Advantage

          The location of the company is located in the export base for phosphorus chemical and phosphorus resources, which is closed to the resourceful areas of phosphate rock such as Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, facing the convenient access to the sea to in the southwest of Guangxi.

        • Technical Advantage

          Self research and develop innovative products; self R&D and innovative techniques for polyphosphoric acid and phosphorus pentoxide; complet and reliable testing methods; ICP, CIQ, CCIC analysis offered.

        • Manufacture Advantage

          Production capacity:150,000mt phosphoric acid annually.
          Storage capacity:5,000mt phosphoric acid storage tank and 20,000mt yellow phosphorus storage tank.
          Cost:simple technical process,heat recovery ,energy conservation and environmental protection.
          Technology:thermal process for high quality.

        • Logistics?Advantage

          The production base is only 11 kilometers away from the port. Convenient channel to the sea, easy transportation and innovative technology contribute to the low cost of long-distance transportation for polyphosphoric acid of high concentration.

        • Service?Advantage

          Products with various specifications and applications are made to meet different customers’demands.

        • Talent?Advantage

          The company attaches great importance to personnel training. We have professional talents including senior engineers with the rank of professor in the chemical industry. Our team is led by professional leaders and technical backbones, with excellent technology, solidarity and innovation.


        Its Subsidiaries

        Sino-Linchem Biotechnology Co., Ltd, is a subsidiary of Sino-Linchem International, Inc., It's a modern agricultural high-tech enterprise with acollection of liquid fertilizer production, scientific research, agriculturaltechnology popularization and application. The headquarter of the company islocated in Nanning, manufacturing enterprise is located in Fangchenggang, thelargest port city of southwestern in China.Sino-Linchem Biotechnology Co., Ltdhas introduced advanced fertilizer production technology from US to produce a new type of liquid fertilizer with environmental and efficient production.Focusing on improving the traditional pattern of agricultural fertilizer inChina, the natural, quality and utilization of fertilizer .Sino-LinchemBiotechnology Co., Ltdtake the improving of the soil and the increasing of cropoutput and quality as own duty, Providing high quality fertilizer for the market. The Company sets multiple departments, including Engineering Center, Marketing Center and Operating Center, etc.


        Tel: 86.770.2215126

        Fax: 86.770.2215121

        Zip Code: 538000

        Email: bosen@sinolinchem.com(Administrative)

        Addr: Gongche Industrial Park, Gangkou District,
        Fangchenggang, Guangxi, China

        Involving Areas Corp Introduction Organizational Structure Advantages qualifications Subordinate Contact
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